Crime Scene Books Ltd is an independent book publisher based in the United Kingdom. We specialise in the publication of intelligent, intriguing, high-quality crime fiction novels. We also publish accessible, interesting and informative non-fiction books by law enforcement, forensic specialists and legal experts of all kinds – books that will be of interest to the general reader and of use to crime writers.

Our 2017 fiction list includes the fourth in Rosie Clavertons Amy Lane mysteries, Terror 404, in which Amy finds herself isolated and alone, in mortal danger and unsure who she can trust. Later in the year comes the third in R.M.Cartmels highly-popular ‘wine and crime’ series, The Romanée Vintage, in which Inspector Truchaud is placed at a distinct disadvantage. We are also thrilled to announce the start of a new series by the talented Candy Denman. Set in the English seaside town of Hastings, Dead Pretty’s heroine, local doctor Jocasta Hughes works part-time as a Forensic Medical Practitioner. When it becomes clear that there is a serial killer on the loose in the little town, Jo soon finds her own life on the line.

The first two titles in our non-fiction list are drawn from the real-life experience of criminal barrister Julian Hayes and forensic anthropologist Dr Nicholas Marquez-Grant.


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