Crime Scene Books is a small independent book publisher based in the United Kingdom, with offices in the United States. We specialise in the publication of intelligent, intriguing, high-quality crime fiction novels. We also publish interesting and informative non-fiction books by forensic and legal experts.

We are very proud to be publishers of RM Cartmel’s much-acclaimed ‘wine and crime’ series, set amongst the vineyards of Burgundy, and featuring the rumpled but astute police detective, Commandant Truchaud.

A chilling thriller about the dark underbelly of a small English town, 50 Miles from Anywhere by Michael Cayzer came out in Autumn 2015, together with the French translation of RM Cartmel’s first Truchaud novel, L’Affaire Richebourg.

2016 is going to be another exciting year for us, with Spring already seeing the publication of Captcha Thief, the third in the wonderful Amy Lane series by Rosie Claverton, featuring the agoraphobic crime-solving hacker Amy Lane and her ex-con sidekick Jason.