The true story of John Stonehouse, British MP, cabinet member, womaniser, spy, as told by a member of the family, using never-before revealed archives. Stonehouse was a rising political star in the early 1960s, and tipped to be a future Prime Minister. By 1974 his career, his finances and his reputation were in tatters, and he carefully staged his own disappearance, leaving his clothes in a pile on a Miami beach to suggest death by drowning. Found in Australia and eventually extradited, he was tried for financial crimes and briefly imprisoned. When later it came to light that he had been a Czech spy since 1962, the then-British government, under Margaret Thatcher, and the British Secret Service arm MI-5 decided that it was a matter best left unaddressed… Stonehouse died in 1988 at the age of 62.

To be published 6th June 2019