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Agoraphobic hacker Amy Lane and her sidekick ex-con Jason Carr are caught in a tortuous and increasingly dangerous adventure as Amy seeks to help track an art thief and Jason seeks to impress the National Crime Agency investigator Frieda Haas sent to recover the missing painting – and its abductor.

As the evidence leads Amy and the police in circles, Jason finds himself taking more and more risks in his hunt for the thief. Nothing is as it seems. Are Amy and Jason merely playthings for a vicious murderer? Can they survive the game?

“I have to applaud Claverton for her resourcefulness to deftly handle labyrinthine plot twists as it moves in four different directions involving conflicts between Jason and Amy, Jason and Frieda, Amy alone and the crime’s perpetrator, as well as her innovative manner in weaving geocaching into the plot that threw me for quite a loop. In addition, Claverton understands that mystery stories should not be simple or clean as we don’t want to read stories that are easily resolved. Consequently, to engage our desperate need to know, she has crafted a story that evolves, evades and leaves pieces out with unanswered questions, riddles and confusion trapping us in the moment and compelling us to read on by its incompleteness. I have to admit that when reading any mystery or for that matter any novel, I enjoy working and bringing part of myself to the table in filling in the blanks which is exactly what Claverton has accomplished with Captcha Thief.” Norm Goldman,

“Deft writing, fabulous characterisation and a plot that never lets go.”  Dave Sivers, author of the Archer and Baines crime series

“Rosie Claverton has played the alchemist, and created literary gold.” Crime Fiction Lover

“I am firmly hooked on the Amy and Jason chronicles.” Dear Author Recommended Read

“Be prepared for a thrilling ride.” RT Magazine