April 19th 2018

We are thrilled to announce, for the first time in print, and in wholly new editions, the first two titles in Rosie Claverton’s brilliantly popular Amy Lane Mysteries series.

Binary Witness by Rosie Claverton

Binary Witness, by Rosie Claverton

Book One of the Amy Lane mystery series

A young woman trapped by her fear.
A serial killer on the prowl.
A woman locked in a darkened flat.
An ex-con hiding from a vengeful gang.

As clubbers in Cardiff are targeted by a brutal murderer, the police turn to unconventional means to catch the killer. Amy Lane, a desperately agoraphobic grey-hat hacker, only at peace with her fingers on a keyboard and her eyes on a screen, can peek into virtual corners in ways DI Bryn Hesketh would rather not know about. But he needs her skills, and turns to her for help. Jason, an ex-con looking to go straight, starts as Amy’s cleaner, but soon becomes much more.

An entirely new edition of the first thrilling story in Rosie Claverton’s stunning Amy Lane mystery series, available in paperback and audiobook for the first time.

Available to pre-order online and from all good bookstores

Code Runner, by Rosie Claverton

Book Two of the Amy Lane mystery series

Agoraphobic grey-hat hacker Amy Lane and her sidekick ex-con Jason Carr make a formidable crime-fighting team, but when Jason can’t resist investigating a body washed up on a beach, the duo find themselves are in over their heads in a world of drug-smuggling, conspiracy and cyber crime.

When Jason is framed for murder, Amy feels her life crumbling around her. She’s the only one who can prove his innocence and when his time in prison threatens to claim his life, she knows she has to solve the case fast.

Can Amy rescue Jason? At what cost?

This entirely new edition of the second thrilling adventure in Rosie Claverton’s stunning Amy Lane mystery series comes with the BONUS AMY LANE STORY Car Hacker.

Available to pre-order online and from all good bookstores

Praise for The Amy Lane series:

“Deft writing, fabulous characterisation and a plot that never lets go.” Dave Sivers, author of the Archer and Baines crime series

“Rosie Claverton has played the alchemist, and created literary gold.” Crime Fiction Lover

“I am firmly hooked on the Amy and Jason chronicles.” Dear Author Recomended Read

“Be prepared for a thrilling ride.” RT Magazine


24th May 2018

Body Heat, by Candy Denman

The second in the Dr Jocasta Hughes mystery series sees the Forensic Medical Practitioner faced with a gruesome series of murders which leave the remains of the victims twisted and charred. The hunt heats up for the arsonist, and so does Jo’s relationship with the exasperating DI Miller. A chilling mystery with lead characters you want to spend more time with, and a murderer you definitely want to avoid.

Praise for Dead Pretty, Book One in the Jocasta Hughes mystery series:

“I thoroughly enjoyed this gripping thriller and was left guessing right to the end who was the culprit. I found the main character both interesting in her work life and cross over jobs and very honest and loveable in her private life. All Candy Denman’s characters are totally believable. I see this as a T.V series with Jocasta’s work life encountering a new twist each week within her surgery and police involvement and her private life all set within the lovely backdrop of Hastings where she lives. MORE CASES TO SOLVE PLEASE!” Tim Thomas -Author of the Century Club and Eileen Thomas – not 5 stars but 10!

“Such a cliché, but I literally couldn’t put this book down. Twisty turny and suitably vile and depraved to suit my literary needs. Loved it. When’s the next one?” Chris Butterworth

Available to pre-order online and from all good bookstores


19th July 2018

North Sea Rising, by R.M. Cartmel

The year is 2039.

The setting is the British Isles – but not the British Isles as we know them today.

The brutal economic impact of the United Kingdom’s withdrawal from the EU, together with the ever-accelerating effects of global warming have led to a very different environment indeed, in almost every way. Politics, geography and technology are all in flux.

But some things remain the same – greed, murder, conspiracy and corruption among them. When Stephanie Flack, licensed private eye in the Royal Province of Anglia, is asked to track down some missing diamonds, she soon finds the trail leading her into some very unexpected and highly dangerous places, with dead bodies appearing with alarming regularity. Including, very nearly, her own.

R.M. Cartmel’s skilful characterisation, sharp observation and quiet irony provide a glimpse into a future which we can almost recognise. A brilliant, gentle, wry dystopian murder mystery.

Available to pre-order online and from all good bookstores


11th October 2018

It Should Have Been You, by S.W. Williams

Book One in the Lizzie Marsh Mystery series. 

When Community Psychiatric Nurse Lizzie Marsh agrees to do a favour for a friend, she finds herself caught in a tortuous mystery which threatens to cost her her life. Who is killing and mutilating people seemingly at random in one of the most exclusive areas London? Why won’t eminent surgeon Sandy MacLean allow anybody to set foot into his elegant townhouse? Can Lizzie help DI Mitchell find the answers, or will she herself become the killer’s next victim?

Available to pre-order online and from all good bookstores