4th October 2018

Hard Return, by Rosie Claverton

Book 5 in the Amy Lane Mystery series. 

12 men locked in a compound

12 men watching their every move

1 man murdered

When Jason’s friend Lewis is trapped in a secret prison compound with a murderer, Jason must go back behind bars – but Amy won’t let him go in alone.  Hiding their intentions from both the convicts and their watchers, they work together to find justice for the murdered man while keeping their cover. As the danger mounts, Jason, Amy, and Lewis find there might be no escape for any of them – except in death.

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11th October 2018

Steel and Shadows, by Stuart Field

Book 1 in the John Steel Thriller series

No-nonsense NYPD detective Sam McCall is investigating one of the deadliest and most complex cases of her career when the mysterious, yet infuriatingly intriguing, John Steel insinuates himself into the department. What appears at first to be the work of a serial killer soon encompasses a cast including violent Russian gangsters, creepy psychiatric doctors, the homeless community and ghosts from the past for both McCall and Steel. This fast-paced thriller combines grit and glamour, the well-drawn characters engage the reader from the outset and the Big Apple is beautifully captured in all its majestic, romantic, seedy, grimy colour.

This debut novel keeps the reader gripped from start to finish with a breathtaking joyride through a wild series of unexpected twists and turns, inevitably falling into the pitfalls of thinking you’ve solved the mystery, only to find yourself wrong-footed on the next page.

Available to pre-order online and from all good bookstores


21st December 2018

Blinking Lights, by Rosie Claverton (ebook only)

In this Christmas short story, Jason prepares a surprise for Amy, with almost disastrous results.


4th April 2019

Hidden Steel, by Stuart Field 

Book 2 in the John Steel Thriller series

Detective John Steel is back in Britain searching for clues to the organisation who murdered his family. Steel’s search leads him to the apartment of a woman whose photograph a friend had given him before he died. Steel searches the flat for clues and finds a name  – “Neptune”. On further investigation, he finds that “Neptune” is the name of a cruise ship which is on its maiden voyage. Steel books passage on the ship.  Once the cruise is underway, he has to find out what is so special about the ship, and what it has to do with the organisation he is tracking down. Meanwhile, in New York, Steel’s partner, Detective Samantha McCall, and her team investigate what appear to be five random homicides.  Soon Sam realises they are all connected, and that one person may be is responsible. Is there a link between the killings and the deadly discovery which Steel has made aboard the cruise ship? Will Steel and McCall be able to share their findings and foil the plot before it’s too late?


2nd May 2019

#YouToo, by Candy Denman

Book 3 in the Dr Jocasta Hughes Mystery series

A partner in a successful law firm in the seaside town of Hastings dies when his penchant for erotic auto-asphyxiation apparently goes too far. The head of the Crown Prosecution Service in E Sussex is photographed drunk and undressed at a well-known dogging location. A corporate lawyer in a city finance company is found drugged and drowned in his employer’s swimming pool. A member of the Solicitors Regulation Authority has a heart attack in a massage parlour. What is the connection between these bizarre incidents and have they been deliberately set up? Dr Jo Hughes is convinced that there is a connection, even if the police do not agree. As she searches for the reason behind the deaths and attacks, she begins to realise that there will be more, and that Detective Inspector Steve Miller may well be the next victim.


6th June 2019

Stonehouse, by Julian Hayes 


The true story of John Stonehouse, British MP, cabinet member, charlatan, spy, as told by a member of his family, using never-before revealed archives. Stonehouse was a rising political star in the early 1960s, and tipped to be a future Prime Minister. By 1974 his career, his finances and his reputation were in tatters, and he carefully staged his own disappearance, leaving his clothes on a beach in Miami and faking his drowning. Found in Australia and eventually extradited, he was tried for financial crimes and briefly imprisoned. When later it came to light that he had been a Czech spy since 1962, the then British government, under Margaret Thatcher, and the MI-5 Secret Service decided that it was a matter best left unaddressed… Stonehouse died in 1988 at the age of 62.


5th September 2019

Steel Justice, by Stuart Field 

Book 3 in the John Steel Thriller series

Brian Armstrong, accused of murdering his wife, has been sent to prison for life. Ten years later, on a prison bus ride to a courthouse, there is an accident that leaves several dead and injured. But for Armstrong and two others, the accident is the opportunity for an escape back into a world they no longer know. Meanwhile, Detectives John Steel and Samantha McCall are back in action. They pick up the case of an ex-gym teacher discovered murdered in his apartment. The case is brutal but looks to be random until a reporter is murdered with the same M.O. Soon their investigation takes a turn, and they find themselves with the question, are the murders related to the escapees and if so how? If these are revenge killings, how do the victims fit into it? And, even more importantly, how many more will there be?


19th September 2019

The German Crossing, by R.M. Cartmel

Book 4 in the Inspector Truchaud wine and crime Mystery series

Inspector Truchaud is now back working in Paris, nursing a bruised if not broken heart after the delicious Nathalie has announced to him that she is going to have a baby with his colleague and rival, Inspector Lucas. When Lucas’ body is found, murdered, on the stage of the Loreley Theatre in Germany’s Rhineland, Truchaud is sent to liaise with the German police over the murder. What nobody realises until Truchaud arrives is that Lucas was traveling with the heavily pregnant Nathalie, who has now disappeared. Truchaud sets out on a quest to find out what has happened to her, and, if possible, rescue her and her unborn child.


3rd October 2019

It Should Have Been You, by S.W. Williams

Book 1 in the Lizzie Marsh Mystery series

When Community Psychiatric Nurse Lizzie Marsh agrees to do a favour for a friend, she finds herself caught in a tortuous mystery which threatens to cost her her life. Who is killing and mutilating seemingly random victims in some of the most exclusive areas London? Why won’t eminent surgeon Sandy MacLean allow anybody to set foot into his elegant townhouse? Can Lizzie help DI Mitchell find the answers, or will she herself become the killer’s next victim?


10th October 2019

Last Save, by Rosie Claverton

Book 6 in the Amy Lane Mystery Series

When a stranger asks her to mind her bag on a train, Freya agrees without thinking. But when the train reaches the end of the line, Freya is left holding a laptop. She approaches private investigator Amy Lane to find the missing woman. As Amy tries to crack the encrypted computer, Jason searches for its owner on the streets of Cardiff, but with few leads. Until Freya turns up dead. Convinced Freya’s death is related, Amy ignores the warnings of the police and pursues her own murder investigation. What she finds is incredible.