12th October 2017
SMALL DEATHS, by S.W. Williams

A serial killer is loose behind the lines on the Western Front during the First World War. As the armies mass against each other readying for battle, someone is kidnapping children. The military is indifferent – civilian problems are not their affair. The police are powerless – the military will not allow civilians to investigate in a war zone. Set against the build-up to the battle of Cambrai in November 1917, this historical thriller builds to an unexpected, heartbreaking finale.

Small Deaths is S.W. Williams’ debut crime fiction novel.

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The Poison Cell cover image

23rd November 2017
THE POISON CELL, by Julian Hayes

The true story behind one of the shoddiest episodes of political intrigue and outright lies in the lead-up to the Iraq war. A seventeen-year-old boy asleep in his flat, the police pound at the door, a nightmare begins. Not Moscow under Stalin, but London 2003, in thebuild-up to the invasion of Iraq. A terrifying true story of power, pressure, and political perversion – and of the hard-won triumph of truth and integrity. Julian Hayes, the criminal defence lawyer who represented the teenaged Sidali, tells in vivid detail the nail-biting story of his arrest, trial, and eventual exoneration.

Julian is a hugely experienced lawyer, specialising in criminal defence work. This is his first book.

“This is the story of a process that was long and arduous but did, ultimately, demonstrate the true value of the jury system and why it should always underpin our criminal justice system.” Toby Hedworth QC

Available to pre-order.